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Welcome to Mulander Season 15

Remember to check back on website for new updates ingame.

Thank you for playing best MU private server.

Earn rewards for resetings, and crafting for pro gear.

Connect with MU Staff for help.

Funfact: Cyron has started mulander in 2009.

Server Information

Mulander has created only few bulletin points to follow when you are online. These rules will be followed Ingame and other platforms.

1.) Report any game bugs (Click Here)

  • Items
  • Built In Events
  • PVP Balance
  • Monsters
  • Maps
  • Server Connection
  • Launcher Errors
  • Client
  • Website Errors

2.) Report Players (Click Here)

  • Players using offensive language, PVP Abuse. [48 hour] Ban
  • Pretending to be GM [7 Day] Ban
  • Offensive character names or guilds [1 hour ] Ban
  • Players whom decide use any 3rd party program will be [permanent] Ban.
  • Advertising other Servers [permanent] Ban
  • Any "little secret exploits" you find ingame to abuse will [48 Hour] Ban
  • Asking freebies or special favors will be just ignored. [1 hour] Ban
  • Mutiple accounts more than 2 will be be removed. [12 hour] Ban
  • Mutiple accounts abusing vote system or ingame hour points [2 hour] Ban
  • Currency Abuser [30 Day] Ban
  • Scammer [48 Hour] Ban
  • Piss off Chronos. [12 hour] Ban

3.) Account Responsibility:

  • Treasure your account. Don't share. Got hacked? Not Staff fault.
  • Don't Sell or Trade Account for real money or anything outside game.

4.) Donations for items

  • Once purchase there is no refund.
  •  Abusing donation function anyway will be punished. [7 Day] Ban

5.) Staff Team General Rules

  • Lazy staff members with authority will be removed anytime without notice.
  • Don't ask for Admin privilages.
  • Don't ask for Items, other than what Admin reward sometimes.
  • Don't ask to login players accounts
  • Don't ask to give full option items in events
  • Don't ask for currency points when not given.
  • Don't ask for GM Commands outside what you have.
  • Any staff team abuse system will be perm banned. %100 trust System
  • Simply, can't follow direction or give good ideas you're not fit to be in staff team.
  • Admin will select player whom is fit for position.


Justify, anything not listed above that server runs into, Cyron / Chronos has final say.

The goal is keeping everyone happy here at Mulander. We strive for players support with playing.